Welcome to the Prague gay sex privat fetish club Factory, which is an ideal place for all your sexual fantasies, because of its size (more than 400 square meters) and location in the center of Prague.

In the three floors of the cruising Prague gay club Factory you can find: cruising dungeon, dressing room, bar, large cabins with video, multifunctional playroom, cage, clinikroom, darkroom, gloryholes, slings, personal locker rooms, showers, large-scale video, sex shop and of course the Free WiFi access.

The atmosphere of the gay club completes the stylish fancy lighting, music in the style of deep house minimal, fetish decoration and Industry style.

Prague Pride 2014 will be held during the week from 11. until 17. 8. 2014.

We prepared for you a special program devoted to Prague Pride 2014.

Special for you: Gay Fetish party, Leather Zone, Open-it party - Gay Family Party, Non-Stop Party and many more.

Detailed information about the Prague Pride edition program .

Coca-Cola 35 CZK
Sprite, Fanta 33 CZK
Bonaqua 33 CZK
Redbull, Semtex 60 CZK
Espresso 40 CZK
Wine 0.2 45 CZK
Beer Čer. Hora 0.33 30 CZK
Beer Čer. Hora 0.540 CZK
Birell 30 CZK
Vodka Absolut 55 CZK
Jack Daniels 65 CZK
Jim Beam 70 CZK
Beefeater 55 CZK
Captain Morgan 55 CZK
and much more ...!


In Prague gay Factory Club you can buy RUSH, JUNGLE JUICE Platinum and other (in in different sizes, priced from 280CZK - 10ml, 380CZK - 20ml) cockring (metal, silicone), lubricating gels, condoms, dildos and men's underwear underwear (briefs, jocks, boxers!) of known brands such as Calvin Klein, AussieBum, Andrew Christian, Diesel in many different models and colors at prices from CZK 260-330 per piece!

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Route to Prague gay club - Factory Club

No.11 tram stop Vinohradská tržnice
Metro line A stop Jiřího z Poděbrad
(direction Václav plaza, about 3 minutes walking "down")
Metro line C station Muzeum
(direction Flora about 5 minutes walking "up")

Would you like to book? Or just some info about events?
Then please contact us!

Vinohradská 63
Praha 2/ Prague 120 00
Czech Republic

Admission - 120 CZK.

Under 18 admission not allowed!

Cloakroom - 20 CZK.

Payments in cash only.

Smoking area!
No handicap access.

For the same reasons, Facekontrol during your stay at the club.

Factory Club - care about you.
Cabins in our club are regularly disinfected using UV-C light.
UV-C light has the ability to kill up to 99.9% of germs.

The light sanitizes the surrounding environment by permanently damaging the DNA of any exposed germs, which kills them in the process. Germicidal ultraviolet light can kill viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungi.


NAKED Gay MASK party.

Every Thursday 21:00-09:00.

Entry only in boots and mask (naked).

The mask can be picked up in the locker room.

Mask deposit - 150 CZK.


21:00-09:00 Saturday

26.4.2014 April meeting (sobota)

24.5.2014 May meeting (Saturday)

21.6.2014 June meeting (Saturday)

26.7.2014 July meeting (Saturday)

14.8.2014 Leather Zone (Thursday)

26.9.2014 Mr. Leather CzR 2014 Warm-Up (Friday)

Unique Gay LEATHER party

Recommended dress code - Leather, naked.

To enter any dresscode not required.

Accessibility: only men.


Fisting Party

21:00-09:00 Friday


Hard Gay FISTING party

Free Gloves and Lube are available.

Dresscode not required.

Accessibility: only men.


Fisting Party

21:00-09:00 Friday


Gay PISS party

Dresscode not required.

Accessibility: only men.


gay warm-up Party

Every Sunday

Sunday Gay Warm-up.

start at 17:00

17:00-22:00 - free entrance.

Dresscode not required.

Accessibility: only men.

ADMISSION 17:00-22:00- 0 CZK

ADMISSION 22:00-05:00- 120 CZK

gay rozcvička Party

Every Tuesday


Gay Fetish party

Entrance in protective fetish clothing /SPORT clothing (Sportswear) / Leather / latex / army - 60Kč.

Dresscode not required.

Accessibility: only men.

ADMISSION in fetish - 60 CZK

ADMISSION other- 120 CZK

gay underwear Party

Every Monday


Gay Underwear party!

Dresscode: Entrance in A-shirt and underwear only.

Accessibility: only men.


Fetish Party - Fetishu40

3.5.2014 Saturday


FetishU-40 - exclusive Gay Fetish party!

Attention! - strict dress code!!!

Dresscode: Entry only in fetish clothing (Leather, Rubber, Lycra, Army, Sport, Skin, Jocks).

Attention! from 18 to 40 years!

Accessibility: only men.

from 04:00 to 09:00 dress code and age under 40 do not required.


gay Party Prague


To enter any dresscode not required *.

Accessibility: only men.

* - Check the club program.


Gay New Year's Eve Party ***** 31.12.2013 21:00 ***** Gay New Year's Eve Party

Gay New Year's Eve Party at the Factory Club. Entry 300CZK.
One drink (sparkling wine) and snacks included.
Competitions, demonstrations and a raffle.
Tickets on sale from 5-th December.
Number of tickets is limited.
Tickets to the event also serves as a ticket for the raffle.
The main prize - the annual ticket to the Factory Club.

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